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Ciência Viva, the Portuguese Agency for the Scientific and Technological Culture, was created by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1996. We are now a private association of research institutions with the shared goals of promoting dialogue between all social agents involved in science and technology and encouraging alliances and autonomous actions that increase public awareness of science. Ciência Viva is also a network of 20 science centres throughout Portugal, each with its own character, but all of them designed to be platforms that drive regional development in scientific, cultural and economic dimensions by establishing partnerships with the key regional players.



Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva is located in Parque das Nações, one of the newest districts in Lisbon and an happy outcome of the urban renewal programme for the Lisbon World Exhibition of 1998. The area was built with a futuristic look and is now a striking mix of business and residential buildings.


By plane

If you travel by plane you will probably land on Lisbon Airport, Portela, quite central in the city! This can give you the frightening sensation of landing on someone’s backyard, but it also offers extraordinary views of Lisbon, besides being just 10 minutes away from Pavilion of Knowledge.


By train

If you are considering travelling to Lisbon by train, please check Comboios de Portugal (CP) website for timetables and fares. The nearest station to Pavilion of Knowledge is Gare do Oriente.


By taxi

Taxis offer very reasonable fares and you can get one almost anywhere or by phone. A ride from the airport to the Pavilion of Knowledge should cost less than 10 euros, depending on the hour of the day. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt (“fatura”). Telephone numbers to call for a taxi: Rádio Táxis - (+351) 21 811 90 00; Lisbon Taxi Service – (+351) 21 793 27 56; Eurocoope - (+351) 21 343 06 77.


By metro

The best way to get around Lisbon is by metro, which is inexpensive, efficient and accessible from all hotels in central Lisbon. This will also provide the opportunity to see the metro public areas, decorated by renowned Portuguese artists as part of the “Art in Metro” initiative. The airport has a metro station and Oriente is the nearest station to Pavilion of Knowledge.


By bus

Carris company operates buses (as well as trams and funiculars) in Lisbon. It is advisable to buy tickets in advance as it will be cheaper and more convenient. There are a number of ticket offices and machines spread all over the city, bruincluding all the metro stations. Buses number 728 and 400 stop near Pavilion of Knowledge.





Public transportation

Bus (on board)



€3.5/€5.5 (2 tickets)

Tram (on board)


Combined 24h ticket Carris/Metro (bus and metro)


7 Colinas or Viva Viagem combined cards (purchased in advance, rechargeable)

€0.5(the card)

€1.4 (each trip)

Zapping (to use with rechargeable cards, minimum €5)

€1.25 (each trip)


About €10