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RRI in Spain, already a reality?

Results of the workshops with national stakeholders show that the culture of RRI is already present in different contexts in Spain although not under this terminology. As a result of the current economic situation and the increasing social tendency towards collaboration, stakeholders are looking for new ways of improving R&I. According to this preliminary analysis, the RRI in Spain seems to be basically promoted by Industry and the Scientific Community. For example, Spain is the country with more Living Labs registered in the European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL). 
Some other national practices aligned with the new RRI paradigm have been also identified, including for example, projects to co-develop research, participatory governance initiatives, technology assessment projects, tools for education, etc. However, there is still a long way to run to widely implement RRI in Spain and RRI Tools provides a great opportunity to promote it among all social actors.

Rosina Malagrida

Rosina Malagrida has a degree in chemistry from the University of Barcelona, Spain, and a master’s in science communication from Imperial College London, UK. She is specialised in public engagement and non-formal education activities, mainly on health research. Currently, she is the head of Public Engagement on Health Research at IrsiCaixa in Barcelona, where she is head of communication, co-ordinates the European educational portal Xplore Health and fosters participatory governance through its Community Advisory Board. She is also the deputy coordinator of the EC project RRI Tools, to promote Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe. Rosina previously worked at the Barcelona Science Park, where she was communication director and at the science museums of London and Barcelona, developing exhibitions, experimental workshops, fairs and debates to decrease the gap between research and society. She has participated in more than 20 European and national projects and is a member of the Observatory of Bioethics and Law and of the Catalan Council of Science Communication.